Our Services

Ignition Interlock Installation

We can install Ignition Interlock and calibrate it.
Any installation or calibration must be scheduled through IntoxaLock!
You can call them at the number listed below.

(844) 899-6212

Oil Change

Oil Change $30.00 + Cost of oil. Call for pricing & appointment. Additional charges may apply for removal and reinstallation of splash guards.


Our Diagnostic Labor Rate is the most reasonable around.
We offer top quality service at affordable rates!

PA State Inspection and Emissions

  • State Inspection Plus Emissions = $75.00 / cars and light trucks
  • Motorcycle Inspection =$25.00
  • Trailer Inspection = $60.00
  • Motorhome Inspection =$100.00
  • Enhanced Safety Inspections =$185.00

*Above fees are Pass or Fail, and all Pass inspections have an additional $11.00 sticker fee. *All fees are subject to tax.
Visual Emissions Inspection $29.15 pass or fail Plus tax.
New Car Exemption (Emissions)$24.05 Plus tax.
5,000 Mile Exemption $24.05 Plus tax.
Dynamometer & Tailpipe Emissions Price subject to market cost Plus tax.
State Inspection $30.00 pass or fail and an $11.00 sticker fee Plus tax.
OBDII $45.00 Plus tax.

4 Wheel Alignments

Four-wheel vehicle alignments.
AWD and 4x4 vehicles.
Give us a call to schedule.

All General Repairs

All General Services and Repairs.
Tires Mounted and Balanced.
Tire Pressure Mounters Replaced.
Transmission Fluid Flush and Filter Changes.
Engine and Transmission Replacement.